Pink & Purple Hair? Starbucks Doesn’t Care!

Starbucks latest employee perk embraces more self-expression at work with new dress code

The iced beverages at Starbucks aren’t the only cool and colourful customizations behind the bar. Starbucks Canada has once again differentiated themselves from other large retail chains by announcing a new dress code that celebrates individuality and embraces the desire of baristas to express themselves.

The new dress code includes any colour of hair dye, as well as a range of clothing colours and patterns. The changes allow ~20,000 store partners (employees) the opportunity to show the real person behind the green apron; their unique style, personality and individual flair, which makes up the unique fabric of Starbucks.

Details of the dress code include:

  • A range of colours, patterns and materials into their work wardrobe along with plaids, stripes, patterns and accented with colourful ties or scarves.
  • Dark blue denim is also now allowed, along with shorts, skirts and dresses.
  • The whole look can be topped off with hair of any colour, fedoras or knitted beanies.

Starbucks has long been committed to offering one of the best retail work experiences and exceptional benefits. In October 2014, Starbucks announced updates to its dress code policy to include visible tattoos, piercings and black denim. Starbucks Canada currently offers “full-time benefits” at 20 hours a week, which includes healthcare benefits, a $5,000 a year mental health benefit, company shares in the form of annual Bean Stock grants, RRSP matching and future savings programs, tuition reimbursement and great perks including partner discounts, free beverages and a weekly package of coffee or tea.

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