Canadians are Abuzz about the New Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte

When Canadian summers finally emerge from oh-so-long winters (and sometimes gloomy springs), the sunshine is welcomed like an old friend. A few telltale signs reveal that we’ve made it: wide fields and carefully curated gardens bloom into life, while thirsty bees bumble along under blue skies.

These summertime cues inspired Starbucks’ newest Canadian exclusive beverage: the Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte, available in select stores across Canada beginning June 25th for a limited time while supplies last!

With plenty of experience developing innovative drinks tailored to Canadian tastes, Kris Murray, a product specialist on the Starbucks beverage research and development team, shared what went into creating this new taste of summer.

“When we start the process of bringing a new beverage to life, we always think of who we’re developing the drink for. There’s no doubt that Canadians have diverse and adventurous taste preferences, so that’s a big consideration when we’re coming up with ideas,” she explained.

True to its Canadian roots, the new Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte is topped with real Canadian honey. For Kris, this was the perfect inspiration.

“Lavender has a unique flavor profile, adding dimension to the latte.  As a flower, it attracts bees and helps support the cultivation of honey. Canada is a huge honey producer and these two flavours are a natural fit that taste light and delicious when combined.”

It’s love at first sip when you experience that Canadian honey topping and smooth cold foam — a combination that showcases honey’s sweetness wonderfully. The next layer blends the creaminess of milk, the nuttiness of Starbucks Blonde® Espresso, and the slight sweetness of the Honeycomb Lavender syrup, leaving a subtle floral aftertaste.

Kris put it simply: “It brings the feeling of summer with it!”

Like all Starbucks handcrafted beverages, the new Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte is fully customizable to suit your tastes. With more than 170,000 ways to tailor your drink, what does its creator recommend?

“If you’re looking for a dairy alternative, soy beverage combines with the lavender flavour quite nicely, but almond beverage also complements the nuttiness of the espresso perfectly,” Kris shared. “It’s also fantastic and so delicious as a Frappuccino Blended Beverage – it’s not very sweet and all of the flavours really shine through.”

The new Iced Honeycomb Lavender Latte joins the Starbucks Canada menu on Tuesday, June 25th alongside new and returning summer delights:

NEW TeavanaTM/MC Flavoured Iced Teas — boldly enhanced with guava, blueberry, and peach fruit flavoured juice blends — make Starbucks the ultimate cold beverage destination.

Teavana Iced Guava White Tea Teavana Iced white tea mixed with guava flavoured fruit juice blend, sweetened with liquid cane sugar and hand-shaken with ice.

Teavana Iced Blueberry Black Tea Teavana Iced black tea poured and then shaken together with blueberry flavoured fruit juice blend, liquid cane sugar and ice.

Teavana Iced Peach Green Tea Teavana Iced green tea combined with peach flavoured fruit juice blend, liquid cane sugar and ice, refreshingly shaken to perfection.

Be sure try the Teavana Flavoured Iced Teas with lemonade for an extra zest of flavour! And don’t forget about the new foods joining this delicious Starbucks summer lineup:

Honey Almond Bar – Sliced almonds drenched in real Canadian honey glaze on shortbread crust.

Everything Croissant & Roasted Ham Breakfast Sandwich – Slow-roasted Italian style ham, egg and cheddar cheese between a buttery everything croissant.

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