Starbucks strawless lids hit Toronto this month!

Last March, Starbucks announced it would be rolling out new, lightweight, recyclable strawless lids for iced beverages in select markets around the country. Today, we’ve announced that our sustainability goals are now in action and strawless lids will be hitting Starbucks stores in Toronto this month.

Toronto Strawless Lids

Toronto will be the first city in the country to receive the new lids, rolling out to the rest of Canada in 2020.  

With nine per cent less plastic than the current lid and straw, this shift is a key milestone for Starbucks as the company works to phase out all plastic straws from its more than 30,000 stores worldwide by 2020, eliminating more than one billion straws per year.  Straws will be available upon request for those who need them.  

Click here to read the original announcement posted in April.

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