Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Heartfelt Gifts from Starbucks

Starbucks Valentine's Day hot cups

Starbucks makes it easy to find the perfect gift for anyone you care for this Valentine’s Day. This year, customers can surprise their sweethearts with one of Starbucks seasonal gifts, from colour changing cups to iridescent tumblers, available at participating Starbucks stores in Canada. These heartfelt gifts are sure to win over any Valentine and let them know you’re thinking of them. Select merchandise is also available on the Starbucks® app.

Lilac Colour-Changing Hot Cup (16 oz)

Colour changing cups

Share a little love this winter with this hot to-go cup. The lips change colour when a hot beverage is added! Price: $3.00

Red Soft Touch Bling Cold Cup (24 oz)

Red Soft Touch Bling Cold Cup

This red studded plastic cold cup gives new meaning to bold and beautiful. Price:$27.95

Lilac Iridescent Stainless-Steel Tumbler (12 oz)

Lilac Iridescent Stainless-Steel Tumbler

This stainless steel tumbler’s vacuum insulation keeps your favourite tall beverage hot up to four hours, and the flip lid keeps leaks at bay. Price:$27.95

Lilac Grid Cold Cup (24 oz)

Lilac Grid Cold Cup

A grid-textured cold cup with a soft-touch appeal in the hue of calm, soothing, enchanting lilac. Price:$27.95

Gradient Speckle Stainless-Steel Tumbler (20 oz)

Gradient Speckle Stainless-Steel Tumbler

Those who prefer sleek designs will be drawn to this fashionable tumbler with a speckle gradient finish. Price: $38.95 

Gift Cards

Starbucks offers a variety of whimsical gift card designs for Valentine’s Day for customers who prefer to give their loved ones more choice. Starbucks Cards can be loaded with $5 to $500 and can be purchased in multiple ways: in Starbucks stores, online, on the Starbucks app and even sent through iPhone text message or Microsoft Teams.

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