Join Starbucks in making planet-positive choices

We’re committed to reducing waste. Globally, Starbucks is targeting to cut the footprint of our carbon, water and waste sent to landfills in half by 2030. It’s all part of our aspiration to give back more than we take from the planet. April is earth month, but our commitment to reducing environmental impact is year round. We're innovating, testing and learning from our store partners (employees) to find the most effective ways to become resource positive for the future

Here’s what we’re doing to reach our goals, and what you can do, too. 

Starbucks Rewards Exclusive Offer: Reduce your impact, earn stars

On Earth Day, April 22, when you bring your own clean, reusable cup into the café, we’ll treat you to 25 Stars and take 10¢ off your drink! Valid at participating stores on in-store beverage purchases only. *


Bring in a clean personal cup to a café and receive 10¢ off at participating stores 

Only take what you need, such as straws, utensils, napkins, stoppers and to-go bags 

Reduce waste, gift with purpose. Consider an eGift card when treating friends and family

Try one of our delicious plant-based beverages or customize your favourite drink with a nondairy option


Reducing single-use plastic waste 
We are committed to shifting away from single-use packaging and reducing waste in our stores to support our global aspiration of a resource-positive future. We eliminated all plastic straws in our stores and are introducing compostable, marine-biodegradable birch wood cutlery this year. Together, this helps save over 80 million  plastic straws, forks, knives, and spoons annually from landfill in Canada. 

Testing ways to cut back on single-use cup waste 
We’re rolling out tests globally to encourage customers to bring their own reusable cup or borrow a Starbucks-provided reusable, returnable cup when dining in or taking their beverage to go. Coming in 2023, customers will be able to bring their own reusable cup for mobile orders and in the drive-thru, too. 

Helping our planet and our communities 
100% of our Canadian company-operated stores have access to Starbucks FoodShare, a program that sustainably prevents food available for donation from ending up in waste streams, and instead distributes it to people facing food insecurity in communities across the country. 

Since 2019, the FoodShare program has resulted in:  

Additionally, for over 25 years, customers have taken advantage of Grounds for Your Garden at their local Starbucks. Grounds for your Gardens is available across Canada at participating company-operated stores where customers can pick up a free bag of used coffee grounds to enrich their gardens and compost, helping Starbucks divert waste from landfill. 

Innovating in our stores 
Our store partners (employees) are key to achieving our planet-positive goals, and we want them to have the tools they need to be successful. The Starbucks Partner Waste and Recycling App provides everything stores need to know about recycling and composting in their local area. Developed by partners as part of the Greener Stores Innovation Challenge, the app helps partners navigate complex and unique store recycling guidelines and puts everything partners need to know to reduce waste and recycle in one place. 

Building for a better future 
Designed to accelerate the transformation of retail towards lower-impact stores that achieve reductions in carbon emissions, water usage and landfill waste, we’re building new stores and retrofitting existing ones to meet our goal of 10,000 Greener Stores around the world by 2025. With performance-based standards that incorporate design and extend throughout the life of a store, Starbucks Greener Stores in North America have reduced energy consumption by 30% compared with the company’s prior store designs. That equals the electricity use of more than 30,000 homes per year. Additionally, state-of-the-art technologies treat and conserve water, reducing annual water use by more than 30%, saving more than 1.3 billion gallons of water annually 

Meanwhile, Starbucks has sourced 100% renewable energy for its more than 9,000 U.S., Canada and EMEA company-operated stores since 2015. 

Learn more about our planet-positive goals 

Find out more about our commitment to cut the footprint of our carbon, water and waste sent to landfills in half by 2030, and learn how we’re supporting our communities through thoughtful partnerships and environmental stewardship.  

Together, we can build a better future for the planet.

*Valid at participating stores on in-store beverage purchases only. Not valid for beverages served in "For here" mugs/glassware. Valid at participating stores on in-store beverage purchases only. Not valid for beverages served in "For here" mugs/glassware.

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