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A Starbucks disposable coffee cup with the company logo, placed on a wooden table with a newspaper in soft focus in the background.
Architectural detail of a walkway with a decorative gray concrete block wall on the left and a marble floor, under a dark overhang. On the right, there's a group of potted plants, including a large green monstera, adding a touch of nature to the scene.
Wide-angle view of a stylish coffee shop interior with a wooden ceiling, decorative mural on the wall, espresso machines on the counter, and a menu board in the background.
A textured decorative wall with embossed floral patterns featuring a prominent white star above a horizontal line and the letter 'R' indicating a logo Starbucks Reserve.
An intricate golden sculpture depicting coffee plants and human figures adorning a dark gray concrete wall, with a wooden beam and ceiling visible in the top left corner.
A wide view of an open-air coffee garden covered with a white shade cloth, surrounded by green plants and coffee trees, with a vibrant mural depicting coffee harvesting on the wall.
The golden 3D lettering of the Starbucks Dewata sign mounted on a textured gray wall, with a carved floral design on the left and lush green plants on the side.
Customers seated at a wooden bar participating in a coffee tasting session with baristas, in a spacious café with a large woven lamp overhead and decorative wall with a Starbucks Reserve logo."