Starbucks to Open its 1st Canadian Pickup Store in Toronto

A rendering of the Starbucks Pickup store in Toronto.

Designed for the order-ahead experience using Mobile Order & Pay on the Starbucks Rewards app

On Tuesday, February 4, Starbucks Canada will open the doors of the first Canadian Pickup store in Toronto’s Commerce Court. Designed for customers on-the-go, this is the first-of-its-kind store experience in Canada, and only the second in the world following New York City’s Penn Plaza, which opened in November.

Unlike Starbucks cafés, the Starbucks® Pickup store was developed with a different customer in mind. “This unique location was designed for an order-ahead experience,” says Michael Conway, president of Starbucks Canada. “Customers who Mobile Order & Pay with their Starbucks Rewards app will know exactly when their order is ready (thanks to a digital board that displays order status) and can pick up their handcrafted beverage and food items directly from a Starbucks barista.”

Screenshots of Starbucks Rewards app
Starbucks Rewards app is available for iPhone and Android

In addition to being fully dedicated to mobile orders, the Pickup store at Commerce Court is also unique in that it has a smaller store footprint, does not offer seating, but still offers the full beverage and food assortment found at local Starbucks cafés.

Starbucks® Mobile Order & Pay, a feature of the industry-leading Starbucks Rewards mobile app, is the primary ordering and payment method for customers and is available in all stores across the country (excluding Quebec).

To order, customers will simply select “Starbucks Pickup – Commerce Court” as their desired location and build their order using the full Starbucks menu. After arriving at the store, customers can track the progress of their order on a digital status board and pick up their items directly from a Starbucks barista.

A rendering of the Starbucks Pickup store in Toronto.
A rendering of the Starbucks Pickup store in Toronto

“When it comes to convenience, it’s not just about speed. We’ve learned from our customers that convenience is also about the confidence and certainty of their experience,” explains Conway. “That’s why this new store was built to be easily accessible while balancing handcrafted quality and the personal connection Starbucks customers have come to know and love.”

Starbucks Pickup is just one way the company is modernizing and reimagining the customer experience in high-traffic, urban areas. The store began with a prototype in the Tryer Center, the company’s innovation lab in Seattle. There, teams worked with store partners (baristas) to create an experience that not only met customer needs but gave store partners the tools they needed to deliver the best customer experience.

Customers around the world have long thought of Starbucks as their Third Place — the place between home and work where they can find comfort and familiarity and sip their favourite handcrafted beverage. As customer behaviours evolve, the company recognizes the importance of evolving its stores to provide experiences that reflect customer needs through digital ordering experiences, products and its diverse store portfolio.

Store Details
Opening: Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Hours: Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Address: 25 King St. W., Unit C250, Toronto

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