Advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Starbucks

It is our responsibility — and opportunity — to set new standards in our workplaces and communities in creating an inclusive place for all. We believe that this effort must be transparent, intentional, and most importantly, continuous.  

In 2020, we developed our Canada Anti-Racism Plan with actionable steps to counter bias and racism, and now most recently, we partnered with Ted Rogers School of Management's Diversity Institute to conduct our first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Assessment to evaluate every aspect of our business. The assessment, together with a census-based survey for all Canada partners (employees)  to be completed, will enable us to build the next evolution of our Canada Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, helping to anchor the commitments we will make as part of a multi-year roadmap. 

The assessment represents the most comprehensive analysis undertaken to date at Starbucks Canada, providing an objective review of our progress and challenges, as well as recommendations for how we can better advance equity, diversity and inclusion on behalf of our partners, customers and communities.  We intend to invite the Diversity Institute back in a year’s time to evaluate our progress.  

“While our commitment to pursue greater equity, diversity and inclusion continues, we recognize the need to go deeper to ask ourselves the tough questions about who we are in this moment in Canada, so we can become who we aspire to be. This is the most thorough and transparent review of our journey to date that can help us better anchor our commitment to help us remain accountable, transparent and  track progress over time in pursuing greater equity, diversity and inclusion for our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. “

Lori Digulla, senior vice president and general manager, Starbucks Canada 

Learn about Starbucks Canada History of Equity, Inclusion & Diversity 


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