Message from Sara: Supporting partners during the ongoing Israel-Gaza attacks  

Today, Sara Kelly, Starbucks evp and chief partner officer, shared the following note with all global Starbucks partners.  


As a leadership team, we want to again express our deepest sympathy for those who have been killed, wounded, displaced and impacted following the heinous acts of terror, escalating violence and hate against the innocent in Israel and Gaza this week. Starbucks unequivocally condemns acts of hate, terrorism and violence.

As Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks ceo, shared with partners earlier this week:  

“In times like these, it is essential that we remember what makes us Starbucks partners, and that we lean on our shared value of belonging. Let us remember that our strength lies in our ability to support one another with empathy and understanding, irrespective of our backgrounds and experiences. Together, we can continue to cultivate a safe and welcoming workplace where everyone feels heard, valued, and included.” 

We know partners may need additional support or have questions. Here are a few things to know:  

  • Partners can use our mental health and wellbeing benefits, where available, if you need someone to talk to. We will also continue to listen and determine what other resources may be needed.  
  • Partner Resources, Operations, PRO, Global Security and Risk, Public Affairs and many others across Starbucks, globally, have been activated and are working to closely monitor the situation, listen to partners, and assist where we can.  
  • As always, Starbucks offers a giving match opportunity for eligible partners in the U.S. and Canada who wish to support relief efforts being led by eligible U.S. 501(c)3 organizations or registered Canadian charities.  

Please keep one another in your thoughts.  

Your partner,  

Updated at 4:05pm