Strengthening Communities Through The Starbucks Foundation Neighbourhood Grants

Starbucks has always been about great coffee. But we are much more than that.

Our mission to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection means working to strengthen the communities we serve, one conversation at a time. And because we know that it is our partners (employees) who know their neighbourhoods best, our impact on local communities is most meaningful when it begins with them.

Through The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighbourhood Grants program, Starbucks invites partners to nominate local charities in their community to receive small grants that range from $1,000 to $10,000. Neighbourhood Grants also help build sustained local impact and inspire partners to engage with charities and uplift communities all year long.

Kerr Street Mission - Oakville, Ontario

“The Neighbourhood Grants from Starbucks gave us the opportunity to provide a direct and positive impact on addressing food insecurity in the community by purchasing fresh produce for our market. The funds made it possible for KSM to increase access to nutritious food for our clients. Kerr Street Market met the goal of ‘75% of food distributed is healthy food items: fresh produce, dairy, proteins, and fresh and frozen meal options',” shares Heidi Avery, Director of Stewardship & Fundraising at Kerr Street Mission.

“The Starbucks team has made an undeniable commitment to bettering our clients. You can see it in the love and care they pour into the meals.”

Heidi Avery, Director of Stewardship & Fundraising at Kerr Street Mission

Top Causes

The Starbucks Foundation supports a wide range of causes that Starbucks partners are passionate about addressing in their communities, such as: 

  • Empowering youth 
  • Fighting hunger 
  • Uplifting families 
  • Addressing homelessness 
  • Advancing inclusion, diversity and racial equity 
  • Promoting environmental stewardship 

By The Numbers | Since 2019

Since 2019, Starbucks partners have submitted more than 80,000 nominations, resulting in more than 10,000 Neighbourhood Grants totaling more than $15 million to organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

In 2024, to celebrate the fifth year of the Neighbourhood Grants program, The Starbucks Foundation plans to award $5 million to eligible, local organizations across North America and is inviting Starbucks partners to nominate a local organization in their community. These grants will support organizations that are empowering youth, fighting hunger, uplifting families, addressing homelessness and promoting environmental stewardship. See the last year’s list of grant recipients here.

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