In bloom for spring and exclusively Canadian: Iced Strawberry Oat Matcha Tea Latte

"All of our products start with exploration.”  

For Starbucks newest seasonal beverage, that exploration took creative and senior product developer, Matt Thornton, to a refreshingly blissful place — inspired by the perfect pairing of beloved favourites.  

From the perfect Zen found in a Matcha Green Tea Latte to a crisp Strawberry Coconut Drink, flavours of strawberry and matcha have permanent homes on the Starbucks menu in Canada and have proven to be customer favourites year-round, whether it’s iced or hot.

It was that love for these two rich and dynamic flavours that sparked the creation of the new spring beverage. The Starbucks team set out to give Canadians a fresh new taste experience reminiscent of a relaxing day at the spa - a moment of refreshing bliss from the very first sip. Just as Canadians begin shedding their winter layers and transition to warmer days ahead, the Iced Strawberry Oat Matcha Tea Latte provides a rejuvenating feeling of springtime in a cup.

“Whether it’s a quiet walk in nature or a sweet escape at a spa or wellness retreat, we found inspiration in everyday moments. This inspired us to bring together the grounded earthiness of matcha, that first bite into a ripe, juicy strawberry with subtle notes of cucumber and a hint of lemon for a refreshing and balancing beverage experience when sipping on the new Iced Strawberry Oat Matcha Tea Latte.” 

Matt and the Starbucks team wanted to capture that invigorating burst of spring when crafting the drink’s new signature strawberry syrup. Infused with lemon and cucumber, it’s combined with unsweetened matcha and a creamy oat beverage, along with a few tasty, real pieces of strawberry to add a burst of fruit and a gorgeous pop of colour.  The result is a moment of refreshing bliss from the very first sip. 

“Bringing these incredible flavours together just felt natural. Strawberry makes matcha even more approachable, introducing another layer of freshness without too much sweetness. We’re so excited to share a first taste with Canada this spring.” 

The Iced Strawberry Oat Matcha Tea Latte will be joining other popular seasonal non-dairy beverages like Starbucks Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato and Sugar Cookie Oat Latte. It’s available in stores as well as for delivery through Starbucks Delivers on Uber Eats, for a limited time.

Read more about the latest spring offerings at Starbucks here. 

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